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Why are christening gowns so long?

A christening gown is a long garment traditionally worn by an infant during the christening and baptism ceremonies. The traditional gown is usually long and white, symbolizing purity, innocence, and new life.

Why are christening gowns so long?

Traditionally, it is white and made of satin or silk. It has short sleeves and a high collar, with a matching headdress. The dress is often adorned with lace, embroidery, and ribbons. The hemline falls to the floor, which means it will be very long for babies who are not yet walking.

Keeping this idea in mind, many families traditionally and still today dress their baby boys and girls in christening dresses.

Baby girl christening gown

The modern era has ushered in a new era of inventiveness and innovative designs or clothes. The modern christening gowns are usually made of cotton and satin, available in cream, and some are short.

Why are christening gowns so long?

There are many reasons why christening gowns are so long, but the most common one is tradition. The length of the garment signifies purity and innocence – two things that babies lack when they first enter this world.

In the 17th century, infants were needed to be submerged in water for baptism. As a result, the infants developed a cold. As a result, a new type of long christening gown emerged, allowing a newborn to be quickly unclothed and reclothed to protect the baby’s head, hands, and feet from getting a cold.

When you buy your christening gown, most parents want it to pass from one child to another, so it’s wise to invest in a longer-length gown.

Christening gowns are made to be lengthy, just like Christ’s gown.

How long should a christening gown be?

The length of a christening gown is an essential factor to consider when purchasing it. The length of the christening gown varies depending on the individual child’s height and the parents’ preference. A short-length christening gown typically measures around 24 inches long, while a long-length christening gown typically measures around 38 inches long.

It can be anywhere between ankle-length to mid-calf length.

How to clean and store christening gown

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