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When should you start buying baby clothes?

At least if you have been reading this blog you know different types of baby clothes, how many baby clothes do you need, and what to look for when buying. When should you start buying baby clothes? Should you start shopping immediately when you realize you are pregnant or wait until you know the gender or few months to delivery. Find the answer here

When should you start buying baby clothes

Shopping for your newborn is one thing pregnant mom looks forward to but many wonder when the right time is. Here are tips to guide you when is the right time to start buying baby clothes

When to start buying baby clothes

  • Wait until you find out the gender

Thanks to the technology in the second trimester you can have scanned and know the gender.

Also, in the second trimester, you can find out whether you are having twins.

Although it is advisable to buy gender-neutral clothes it is more fun buying baby clothes for exact sex.

Knowing the gender will help guide you with the exact type of clothes –(Link) and accessories you need to purchase for your baby.

  • Wait until you have a baby shower

If you are planning to have baby shower remember your guests will buy for you baby items and clothes are one of them.

Wait until you have a baby shower to find out the gifts your friends will bring, there is no need to spend money with the same stuff your friend will bring as gifts.

  • Wait until the first trimester is over

There are stages of pregnancy 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. The 1st stage is from day to twelve weeks/ 3 months and pregnancies last for 9 months. In between the first trimester to last month, they are so many things happen like baby showers.

Also, 1st trimester does carry a great risk of miscarriage, and chances of miscarriage drop as your pregnancy progress, fear of pregnancy loss are one reason why you might delay buying baby clothes.

In the first trimester, you should allow news to sink in and use that time to have a plan of what you need.

Most parents-to-be share news with friends and relatives after the first trimester. When news spread to everyone some can decide to give you their child items that they are no longer using.

Since babies grow very fast most of the items outgrow them when they are still in good condition or even brand new.

  • Don’t wait for too long to buy baby clothes

You don’t have to wait up to the last minute to shop for your baby. Some moms go into labor earlier than 9 months. You should have basics items set up and ready by the time you are eight-month

It is up to you to decide when to start shopping for baby clothes there is no right or wrong time shop when you want. If you want to go out to buy the thing you want for your baby on the first day you realize you are pregnant nothing wrong with that. The above was just a guide to help so as you can have a smooth shopping.

Please share with us in the comment section below when did you start buying baby clothes?


When should you start buying baby clothes

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