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Types of baby onesies (baby bodysuits types you should know)

Baby onesies are the most essential types of baby clothes you must buy when expecting a newborn. It is commonly known as a baby bodysuit. Do you know there are different types of baby onesies? Find out here different types.

Types of baby onesies

The baby onesies have other names such as a creeper, a diaper shirt, or a snapsuit.

What is baby onesies?

Baby onesies are like T-shirts but they expand past the waistline and snap at the crotch leaving legs bare. The snaps at the crotch are easy to open without undressing the baby making it easy for a diaper change.

Common features in the baby bodysuit are the neck style. Some have envelope neck or extra snap closure at the shoulders. Both envelop neck and snap closure makes it easier to put on or off over the baby’s head. Envelop neck make it easy to take it off from down by pulling it down from the shoulders.

In addition to the envelope neck, in the event of a major diaper leak, the design allows one to pull the bodysuit over the torso and leg, therefore preventing a mess on other parts of the baby’s body.

A bodysuit with snaps at the neck is not easy to pull down from the shoulders making envelop neck suitable for a newborn.

They are mostly worn by babies 2 years old and below instead of T-shirts.

The bodysuits can be worn on their own in warm climates or under baby clothes in cold climates for warmth.

7 Different types of baby onesies

  1. Short-sleeve
  2. Long-sleeve
  3. Sleeveless 
  4. Kimono style
  5. Turtle neck
  6. Flutter sleeve
  7. Ruffle sleeve
  8. Collared bodysuit Peter Pan style collared Onesie/Polo bodysuit
  1. Long sleeve bodysuit

Long sleeve baby bodysuit covers the baby’s hand from shoulders to wrist. This helps keep the baby’s hand warm.

Bodysuits with long sleeves are perfect for chilly weather.

Some long sleeve bodysuit has mitten cuffs. Most brands that have bodysuits with mitten cuffs bodysuit are only available for a newborn but larger sizes do not have.

Mitten cuffs prevent the baby from scratching themselves, keeping fingers warm, and discouraging the baby from sucking figures.

Best Baby bodysuits long sleeve to try

Baby boy bodysuits long sleeve

Baby girl bodysuit long sleeve

Long sleeve Baby bodysuits with mitten cuffs

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How to put on long sleeve baby onesies

  1. Kimono style

A kimono-style baby bodysuit has side snaps or wraps. The side snap prevents contact with your newborn’s umbilical cord stump, making it great for umbilical cord care. It also prevents you from pulling over on your newborn face.

Kimono style is mostly ideal for newborn 

Kimono types to try

1Kimono onesie HM 2-packLong sleeveBuy H & M
2Baby Girl Carter's 3-Pack Floral Side-Snap BodysuitsLong sleeveShop Kohls
Shop Amazon
3Simple Joys by Carter's Baby 4-Pack Side Snap Bodysuitlong sleeve with mittensBuy Amazon
4Goobie Baby Side Snap Bodysuit Setlong sleeve with mittensBuy Amazon
5OPAWO Baby Side Snap Bodysuit Long Sleeve with Mitten Cuffs long sleeve with mittensBuy Amazon
6Moon and Back by Hanna Andersson Long-Sleeve Side Snap Bodysuitlong sleeveBuy Amazon
7HonestBaby Baby 3-Pack Organic Cotton Long Sleeve Side-snap Kimono Bodysuitslong sleeveBuy Amazon
8Blueleyu Infant Baby Boys Girls Long Sleeves Kimono Onesies long sleeveBuy Amazon
9Asher and Olivia Baby Girl's 3-Pack Long-Sleeve Kimono Bodysuit long sleeveBuy Amazon
10Babysoy Organic Long Sleeve Modern Solid Kimono Bodysuit/Onesielong sleeveBuy Amazon
11Long Sleeve MORI Kimono Bodysuitorganic onesiesBuy Mini mori
12Colored Organics Baby Organic Cotton Kimono Bodysuit organic onesiesBuy Amazon
13 L'ovedbaby Unisex-Baby Organic Kimono Bodysuitorganic onesiesBuy Amazon
14Simple Joys by Carter's Baby 5-Pack Side Snap Bodysuitshort sleeveBuy Amazon
15Goobie Baby Side Snap Bodysuit Setshort sleeveBuy Amazon

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  1. Short sleeve

Read our reviews of the best short sleeve bodysuit

  1. Sleeveless

Sleeveless baby onesies are called vest onesies in British English

Find out our review of the best sleeveless baby bodysuit

  1. Turtleneck baby bodysuits
Turtleneck baby bodysuits

Turtleneck Baby bodysuit has a high collar that helps keep the baby’s neck or throat warm during cold days.

The baby turtleneck is available in long sleeves and short sleeves, prints specific for girls and boys, and a variety of colors to choose from.

When buying baby clothes make sure you buy a combination of all different types. Also, consider buying different sizes to fit your quickly growing baby.

Bodysuits are available in different colors and prints. Consider mixing different colors or prints to match with different baby clothes.

Shop for the best turtleneck onesies

NameImageColorsWhere to buy
Gerber Long Sleeve Turtleneck Onesies BodysuitsWhite and grayBuy Amazon
Spasilk Turtleneck Long Sleeve BodysuitWhite, Blue Plane, Pink Dots or Grey CelestialBuy Amazon
DinoDee Turtleneck BodysuitBrown Green,
Red ,
Buy Amazon
Cute On Baby Infant Newborn Cotton Turtleneck Top Bodysuit Available colors rose, light purple, beige, blue-gray, green, light blue, pink, red, light yellow, and royal blueBuy Amazon
Emmababy Baby Boy Girl Long Sleeve Shirt Bodysuit Turtleneck Gray, navy blue, red, rose red, yellow, pink, black, white, pink stripes, blue stripes, gray stripesBuy Amazon
Leveret Long Sleeve Baby Boys Girls Bodysuit Turtleneck dark purple,olive, Rust, teal,navy,green, mustardBuy Amazon
ROMPERINBOX Solid Black Baby Turtleneck Bodysuit Long Sleeve OutfitsBlack, white grey set Grey White
Buy Amazon
Spasilk Baby Boys'Turtleneck Long Sleeve BodysuitGrey celestial, Blue and pinkBuy Amazon
Blueleyu Long Sleeves Onesies Cotton Turtle-Neck Bodysuit Buy Amazon
Hooyi Clothes Cotton Pure Solid Newborn Bodysuits Turtleneck White,
Blue polka dot,
Navy blue
Rose red
Buy Amazon
DANROL Baby Long Sleeve Solid Turtleneck Bodysuits Red, blue, and pinkBuy Amazon
OshKosh B'Gosh Turtleneck Bodysuit Red, black, navyBuy Amazon
Petit Ami Turtleneck OnesieOnly whiteBuy Amazon
DEFAHN Baby Turtleneck Bodysuit Long Sleeve black/grey, black/white, whiteBuy Amazon
Silis Baby Girl Turtleneck Bodysuit Pink, fuchsia, AquaBuy Amazon
  1. Flutter sleeve onesies

Flutter sleeve is a short, loose-fitting sleeve that falls in soft folds over the upper arm

Find out the best Baby girl flutter sleeve onesie.

NameImageWhere to buy
Carter's Baby Girls' Flutter-Sleeve BodysuitBuy now Amazon
 OshKosh B'Gosh baby-girls BodysuitBuy now Amazon
Simple Joys by Carter's Girls' 6-Pack Sleeveless BodysuitBuy now Amazon
Hudson Baby Unisex Baby Cotton Sleeveless BodysuitsBuy now Amazon
 RomperinBox Ruffle Sleeve Bodysuit for Baby Girls  Buy now Amazon
 Yatong Baby Girls Bodysuit Onesies Baby RomperBuy now Amazon
YOUNGER TREE Infant Toddler Baby Girls Flutter Sleeve Bodysuit Onesies Buy now Amazon
Laughing Giraffe Baby Girl Blank Flutter Short Sleeve Bodysuit Onesie WhiteBuy now Amazon
Bangely Newborn Baby Girls Flutter Sleeve Buy now Amazon
Carhartt baby-girls Flutter Sleeve Bodysuit BodyshirtBuy now Amazon
 iddolaka Newborn Infant Baby Girl Solid Ruffle Romper Bodysuit Buy now Amazon
H &M ruffle onesies Buy now Amazon
Toddler place Toddler Newborn Infant Baby Girls Ruffle Romper Bodysuit Buy now Amazon
  1. Collared baby bodysuit

This is a baby bodysuit that has a collar. For girls have Peter Pan style collared Onesie

For boy are mostly known as polo style onesies

Find the best-collared baby bodysuit.

  1. Baby ruffle onesies

Baby ruffle onesies are designed for girls they feature attractive ruffles at the cuffs, around the neck, leg opening, and shoulders.

Find out baby girl ruffle onesies

NameImagewhere to buy
1RuffleButts Baby/Toddler Girls Long Sleeve Bodysuit with RufflesBuy Amazon
2Monag Long Sleeve Ruffle Baby BodysuitBuy Amazon
3Minesiry Infant Baby Girl Basic Ruffle Long Sleeve Buy Amazon
4Magical baby Infant Baby Girls Long Sleeve Bodysuit Ruffle Buy Amazon
5Yuemengxuan Baby Girl Ruffle BodysuitBuy Amazon
6Renotemy Newborn Infant Baby Girl Short Sleeve OnesieBuy Amazon
7Suisse wind Newborn Baby Girl Long Sleeve OnesiesBuy Amazon
8GRNSHTS Infant Romper Baby Girl Long Sleeve Ruffle BodysuitBuy Amazon
9Bohavo Infant Baby Toddler Girls Boys Ruffle Romper Bodysuit  Buy Amazon
10Huata Baby Girls Onesies Bodysuit Baby RomperBuy Amazon
11XARAZA Unisex Baby Boy Girl Short Sleeve Ruffle Romper BodysuitBuy Amazon
12 Saeaby Newborn Baby Girl Ruffle Sleeve One-Piece Bodysuit  Buy Amazon

How to put on baby onesies

More Gender-neutral bodysuit onesies

Are there different types of baby onesies?

Yes, there are seven different types of baby onesies, including:
Short sleeve
Kimono style
Turtle neck
Flutter sleeve
Ruffle sleeve
Collared bodysuit Peter Pan style collared Onesie/Polo bodysuit

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