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Types of baby clothes (name and images)

Baby clothes are a necessity for every new mom, but did you know there are different types of baby clothes?

For the first-time mom-to-be, there are different names for different clothes out there, so it becomes confusing what to ask for when buying. If you are such a mom, don’t worry. We have prepared different types of baby clothes, names, and images.

Here are some types of baby clothes names and images.

  1. Bodysuit
Baby bodysuit

The bodysuit is worn under other clothes or on its own if the weather is hot.

Bodysuits are also known as baby Onesies.

Most of them have an enveloped-style neck and come in different sizes and solid or mixed prints.

The envelope-style neck stretches well such that you can easily pull it over the baby’s head or pull it straight down to avoid going over the delicate head.

They come in different styles such as

  • Long-sleeved
  • short sleeved
  • Sleeveless
  • Kimono
Kimono baby bodysuit

The kimono is also known as side snaps. They have side snaps or ties that help reduce contact with the baby’s umbilical cord stump. Also, you don’t have to pull over your newborn’s face. The kimono is available in long and short-sleeved.

  • Short-sleeved

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  3. Baby girl sleeveless bodysuit
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  5. Baby boy long sleeve bodysuit
  6. Baby boy bodysuit short sleeve
  7. Baby girl boy Turtleneck onesies
  1. Romper
Baby romper

The romper top and bottom are one and have a snap crotch.

  1. Hat
Baby hat

A hat helps protect your baby’s head from any kind of weather, be it hot, warm, or cold. It is also called a cap or beanie.

The hat can be a cotton beanie, knitted beanie, or sun hat.

  1. Bibs and burp cloths
Bibs and burp cloths

During the first week, your baby learns how to nurse, so at this time they are prone to spitting and drooling. Burp cloths and bibs are meant to protect your baby’s clothes from drool, therefore helping reduce dirty laundry piling up quickly.

  1. Mitten
baby mitten

Mitten is worn on the baby’s hands. Mittens help keep baby hands warm and prevent them from accidentally scratching themselves.

  1. Dress
Baby girl dress
  1. Overall
Baby overall
  1. Jumpsuits
  1. Swimwear
Girl swim weat


  1. Bloomers
Baby bloomers

Bloomer is also called a diaper cover. They are worn under dress for girls or to cover diapers.

  1. Training pants
Baby potty training pants

Training pants are used while potty training.



  1. Vest/Tanks
baby tank
  1. Camisoles
Baby camisole


  1. Pajamas
baby pajamas

A pajama is most used by the baby to keep warm during sleep and playtime. As you know your baby will spend most of the time sleeping and playing.

Pajamas are meant for both sleep and play.

Pajama has a zip or snaps closure from top to bottom, therefore, it helps make diaper change easy. 

It also has a zipper neck tab which prevents the baby from playing with zipping.

It is also called coverall/pjs/ one-piece jumpsuit/footed pajamas/sleep and play/union suit/ baby gro/sleepers or footies.

Pajamas are either footed or footless.

  1. Wearable blanket
baby wearable blanket

The wearable blanket looks like a T-shirt on the top, and at the bottom, it looks like a sleeping bag.

They are meant to keep the baby warm when sleeping or during the cold season.

The wearable blanket helps eliminate the use of loose blankets and no wrapping is necessary.

You place the baby in the wearable blankets and zip/snap up.

  1. Convertible gown/sleeper gown
Convertible gown/sleeper gown

Gowns are also meant for sleeping. The gown look-like T-shirts or onesies at the top and an open bottom to make diaper change easier.

 Most have convertible mitten cuffs to keep baby hands warm and prevent scratching themselves.

They are available in long-sleeved, kimono style, and short-sleeved.

  1. Robe
Baby robe

Robe wraps the baby straight from the bath or when sleeping. They help keep the baby warm from head to toe.

  1. Jackets and coats
Baby jacket and coats

Jackets and coats are outwear meant to keep the baby warm. Newborns and older babies are not capable of regulating their body temperature on their own. You need a jacket or coat to help with that.

The jacket can be fleece or knit having a hood or not.

  1. Hoodie
Baby hoodie
  1. Sweater and cardigan
Baby Sweater and cardigan

They help keep the baby warm, just like a jacket or coat.

  1. Baby booties
Baby booties
  1. Shoes
baby shoes

Shoes are meant for older kids when venturing outside

  1. Leg warmers
leg warmers
  1. Socks
Baby socks

Socks help keep your baby’s feet warm.

bottom wear
Bottom wear
  1. Pant
Baby pant
  1. Short
baby short
  1. Leggings
Baby leggings

Leggings are worn with bodysuits or tops. They can also be worn under dress for girls or undershorts for boys.

  1. Jeans
Baby jeans
  1. Skirts
Baby skirt
  1. Leg warmers
leg warmers
  1. Tights (stockings) 
top wear
Top wear
  1. T-shirt
  1. Tees boy/ girl
Baby tee
  1. Blouses
Baby girl blouse
  1. Tank tops girl
Tank tops girl
  1. Shirt

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