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Organic baby clothes vs regular (what’s the best material)

One of the numerous considerations that parents make when purchasing baby clothing is the material. The majority of parents are confused about choosing the ideal material for baby garments. in addition to determining whether organic baby clothes are superior to ordinary ones. In this article, we will try to differentiate between organic and regular.

Organic baby clothes vs regular

Organic baby clothes vs regular

The difference between organic baby clothes and regular ones is how they are grown. Regular material is grown using pesticides, insecticides, and harsh chemicals.

The organic fabric is grown without any chemicals. It is grown using safe methods such as hand hoeing, manual removal of weeds without using herbicides, and crop rotation.

Another difference is how the fabric is processed, manufactured, and treated in the industry. The regular fabric is treated with harsh dyes and bleaches, and the organic fabric is not treated using any chemicals.

Which is better organic baby clothes and regular

As you all know, babies have delicate and thin skin. The skin absorbs chemicals, meaning children have a high risk for chemical-related health problems such as eczema. Choose baby clothes made of organic fabric to reduce your baby’s exposure to harsh chemicals.

Organic baby clothes have a certification label on them. They are certified by independent bodies such as

To be certified the bodies check the soil whether the crop is grown on soil free of chemicals. Also, they check the process in the factory whether they are treated with harsh bleaches, dyes, or any chemicals.

Besides health issues, another reason to choose organic baby clothes is durability. Since the organic fabric is not exposed to harsh chemicals during production they stand to 100 times washes without wearing compared to regular that stands 10 times washes.

Even if organic baby clothes are expensive this material will give you value worth your money.


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