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Fabric for baby clothes

When buying baby clothes, one of the main factors to consider is the fabric for baby clothes. Clothes are made of different fabrics, but which fabric for baby clothes is suitable for your delicate baby?

Fabric for baby clothes

Best fabric for baby clothes

  • Cotton

Cotton is the most popular fabric known for making both adult and baby clothes. Cotton clothes are available in organic and conventional. Organic cotton is grown without chemicals and is not treated with harsh bleaches and dyes.

Conventional or non-organic is grown and in the factory is treated using harsh chemicals. When buying baby clothes choose the one that has an organic certification label to reduce exposing your little one to harsh chemicals.

Cotton is soft on the baby’s delicate skin, easy to wash, and absorbent.

read the difference between organic cotton and regular.

  • Cotton blends

Cotton material is easily blended with other materials to make baby clothes. The such blend includes:

Cotton and polyester blend-this blend doesn’t shrink, dries quickly, and is easy to take care of.

Cotton and spandex blend- this blend stretches easily.

  • Minky

Minky is great for making Plush animal toys and blankets.

  • Bamboo

Bamboo fabric is derived from the bamboo plant. It is soft, hypo-allergic, anti-bacterial, and adjusts with children’s temperature. It is best for blankets and swaddles.

Bamboo has also become a popular fabric in babies ’ clothes.

  • Fleece

Fleece is perfect for making baby outwear like coats and jackets

  • Gauze

What to consider when choosing fabric for baby clothes

  • Baby’s delicate skin

Baby’s skin is delicate and sensitive choose fabric that will not irritate or cause rashes to your baby.

  • Natural fabric

Baby’s skin is thinner meaning the skin absorbs chemicals very fast so you need to choose baby clothes made of natural without chemicals from the field to the end products.

You can opt to choose an organic fabric like cotton.

  • Comfortable

 You will need a fabric that will be soft on the baby’s skin. It should be breathable meaning allowing moisture to pass through.

  • Durability

Baby clothes are washed more frequently so you need a fabric that withstands frequent washing. Make sure it does not fade or leave wrinkles.

  • Lightweight fabric

Some fabrics are bulky on your baby. Choose clothes made of lightweight fabric like cotton, bamboo, and more.

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