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Children clothes size guide (weight, size, and height)

Choosing correct clothes sizes for your children is one of the exhausting tasks for most parents because there is no standard children’s clothes size guide.

Children clothes size guide

Most children’s clothes brand, size their clothes by age in months but they don’t put in mind children come in different height, weight and shape so they will be chances your baby will not perfectly match his or her age. Now that you know children’s height and sizes may vary, our children’s clothes size guide will help choose the correct size.

Children’s clothes size guide/chart

AgeHeight (inches)Europe height (cm)Weight
Preemiebelow 17
Newborn17-2143.2-53.3 cm5-8 lbs/ 2.3-3.6 kg
0-3 months21-24 53.3-61 cm8-12 lbs/3.6-5.4 kg
3-6 months24-26 61-66 cm12-16 lbs/ 5.4-7.3 kg
6-9 months26-28 66-71.1 cm16-20 lbs/ 7.3/9.1 kg
9-12 months28-30 71.1-76.2 cm20-24 lbs/9.1-10.9 kg
12-18 Months30-32 76.2-81.3 cm24-28 lbs/10.9-12.7 kg
18-24 Months32-34 81.3-86.4 cm28-32 lbs/12.7-14.5 kg
2 T32-3481.3-86.428-32 lbs/12.7-14.5 kg
3 T34-3886.4-96.532-35 lbs/14.5- 15.9 kg
4 T38-4096.5-101.635-39 lbs/15.9-17.7 kg
442-4498–10437-41 lbs/17-19 kg
545-47104–11042-46 lbs/19-21 kg
648-49110–11647-53 lbs/21-24 kg
6x girls /7 boys50-51116–12254-58 lbs/ 24-26 kg

The children clothes size are categorized as follows

  • Baby clothes
  • Toddler clothes
  • Little kid
  • Big kid/tween sizes

Baby clothes size guide

Baby clothes range from preemie to 24 months. This 24 months or two years you will go through many sizes of baby clothing.

How do you know what size baby clothes to buy?

Choose your baby clothes using height and weight not according to age. I know most brands are labeled with a range fit such as NB for newborn, 0-3 months, 3-6months, 6-9 months, 9-12 months 12-18 months, and 18-24 months. Others are labeled with a specific month like 3 months, 6, 9, and 12. The specific month means that the maximum age your child to fit in that cloth. Don’t rely on such age range fit unless they are working well with your baby.

If the brand label does not have the measurement in height and weight check their website before you buy to achieve an accurate fit.

Baby clothes size guide

AgeHeight (inches)Europe height (cm)Weight US size
Preemiebelow 17Preemie
Newborn17-2143.2-53.3 cm5-8 lbs/ 2.3-3.6 kg
0-3 months21-24 53.3-61 cm8-12 lbs/3.6-5.4 kgNewborn, 0-3 M
3-6 months24-26 61-66 cm12-16 lbs/ 5.4-7.3 kg3-6 M
6-9 months26-28 66-71.1 cm16-20 lbs/ 7.3/9.1 kg6-9 M
9-12 months28-30 71.1-76.2 cm20-24 lbs/9.1-10.9 kg9-12 M
12-18 Months30-32 76.2-81.3 cm24-28 lbs/10.9-12.7 kg12-18 M
18-24 Months32-34 81.3-86.4 cm28-32 lbs/12.7-14.5 kg18-24 M

Toddler clothes size guide

Toddler clothes range between 2 years to 4 years. The clothes are labeled with letter T (like 2T, 3T, 4T) and other with just number (like 2, 3, and 4).

T stands for toddler and the number before it is approximation age. 2 and 2T are not the same age. T sizes are slim, inches shorter, and has more room for a diaper. The T sizes are for the toddler who is still using the diaper. You will notice they have snaps between legs for an easy diaper change.

The size without T is ideal for toddlers who are not using diaper they mimic adult clothes in a smaller size.

The same case with baby clothes you choose the toddler using height and weight

Toddler’s clothes size chart

AgeWeightHeight (inches)Height (cm)
2 t28-32 lbs/12.7-14.5 kg32-34 81.3-86.4
3 t32-35 lbs/14.5- 15.9 kg34-38 86.4-96.5
4 t35-39 lbs/15.9-17.7 kg38-4096.5-101.6

Kids clothes sizing

Kids’ clothes range from 4-16 years. Kid’s clothes are categorized in two:

  • Little kids range 4-6 years
  • Big kid is from 7 -16.

Before you shop for your kid ask them what they would like since are older enough to give an opinion in colors and style they would like.

Little kids size chart

Both little Kid’s clothes are sized based on age, height, and weight. Some brands offer sizes in different ways like range 4-5 so on, regular size like 4, 5… and alpha from XS-XL which translates as follows:

  1. XS-4-5 years
  2. S-6-7 years

The little kid sizes are the same for both girls and boys while large kids each gender there is a different size chart.

Little kids size chart

Age (US/UK)Age (Europe)Weight (Pounds)weight (kg)Height (inches)
6x girls /7 boys6-754-5824-2650-51
Big kid/tween sizes

Big kids /tween sizes start from 7 years and above.

As said earlier big kids there are different sizes for each gender. When choosing clothes for big kids measurements are more important than age. Pay attention to the chest, hip, and waist.

Some brand offers sizes in inches while others in slim, regular, and size and others in 12, 13, 14. Other brands offer sizes in alpha such as XS-XL.

  1. XS-7-8 years
  2. S-8-9 years
  3. M-9-12years
  4. L- 13-14 years
  5. XL- 15-16 years

Big kid girls sizes

Age USHeightBustWaistHips
751-52 in/129-132 cm26.5 in/67 cm23 in/58 cm28 in/71 cm
853-54 in /134-137 cm27.5 in /70 cm23.5 in/60 cm29 in/74 cm
1055-57 in/139-145 cm29 in/ 62 cm24.5 in/62 cm30.5 in/77 cm
1258-59 in/147-150 cm30.5 in/ 77 cm25.5 in/65 cm32.5 in/82 cm
1460-62 in/ 152-157 cm32 in/81 cm26.5 in/67 cm34.5 in/87 cm
1663-64 in/160-163 cm33.5 in/ 85 cm27.5 in/70 cm36.5 in/93 cm

Big kid boys sizes

Age USHeightChestWaistHips
850-53 in /127-135 cm27 in /69 cm23.5 in/59 cm27.5 in/70 cm
1054-57 in/137-145 cm28.5 in/ 72 cm25 in/63.5 cm29.5 in/75 cm
1258-60 in/147-152 cm30 in/ 76 cm26 in/66 cm31.5 in/80 cm
1461-63 in/ 154-160 cm32 in/81 cm27 in/68 cm33.5 in/85 cm
1664-65 in/162-165 cm33.5 in/ 85 cm28 in/71 cm35.5 in/90 cm
European children clothes sizes

European children clothes sizes are in centimetre (cm)

If you are used to inches you must convert from centimeters to inches.

When shopping for European guide you need guidance from an international conversion chart

0-3 months5018-22
3-6 months6022-26
6-12 months7026-30
12-18 months7528-30
18-24 months8030-32
Children clothes size the US/UK

US and British (UK) use clothes sizes that are similar based on age, height and weight.

AgeHeight (inches)Weight
Preemiebelow 17
Newborn17-215-8 lbs/ 2.3-3.6 kg
0-3 months21-24 8-12 lbs/3.6-5.4 kg
3-6 months24-26 12-16 lbs/ 5.4-7.3 kg
6-9 months26-28 16-20 lbs/ 7.3/9.1 kg
9-12 months28-30 20-24 lbs/9.1-10.9 kg
12-18 Months30-32 24-28 lbs/10.9-12.7 kg
18-24 Months32-34 28-32 lbs/12.7-14.5 kg
2 T32-3428-32 lbs/12.7-14.5 kg
3 T34-3832-35 lbs/14.5- 15.9 kg
4 T 38-4035-39 lbs/15.9-17.7 kg
442-4437-41 lbs/17-19 kg
545-4742-46 lbs/19-21 kg
648-4947-53 lbs/21-24 kg
6x girls /7 boys50-5154-58 lbs/ 24-26 kg
Children’s clothes size chart Australia

Australian clothes size are base on age but children differ on height, weight and waist the Australian brands also offers sizes in measurement and are in centimetre (cm)

Size AustraliaAge HeightWeightWaist
00000Premature50 cm 2 kg
0000NewbornUp to 56 cmUp to 4 kg38-40 cm
0000-3 M/3 M62 cm6 kg40-42 cm
003-6 M/6 M64-69 cm7-8 kg46-48 cm
09-12 M/12 M69-74 cm8-10 kg46-48 cm
0-112 M74-79 cm10-12 kg47-50 cm
1-218 M79-86 cm12-13 kg47-50 cm
2 2 years86-94 cm13-14 kg48-51 cm
33 years94-100 cm14-16 kg50-52 cm
43-4 years104-114 cm16-17 kg50-53 cm
54-5 years114-122 cm17-19 kg53-56 cm
65-6 years122-130 cm19-21 kg56-58 cm
76-7 years130-137 cm21-23 kg59-61 cm
87-8 years137-145 cm23-25 kg60-62 cm

Remember children grow differently consider taking your baby measurement in weight and height when buying clothes to choose the correct size.

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Children clothes size guide

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