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Baby onesies extenders (help extend bodysuit length)

Babies grow up quickly and clothes mostly onesies can no longer fit them. In case you don’t have the cash to buy the next size you can consider buying baby onesies extenders To increase baby bodysuit length.

Baby onesies extenders

They are also known as bodysuit extenders/crotch extenders.

Baby onesies extenders are designed to increase baby bodysuit length and fit longer when they get too short.

How do you know the right size of the extender for your small baby onesies

Most baby onesies use 9mm snaps and some also use 8mm. Measure the size of buttons on your little one’s bodysuit first.

Best Baby onesies extenders

  1. Matissa Baby Bodysuit/Onesie Extenders (Pack of 3)

Matissa baby bodysuit extenders include a pack of 3.

They are made of 100% cotton flannel.

This product has 9mm snaps and would fit bodysuits with 9 – 9.5 mm snap buttons.

The snappers are installed on the outer rim of the extenders, so they can extend the onesie’s length by 4 inches long

Most baby brands that these products fit are baby gear, Disney, Hello Kitty onesie, Carters, Nirvana, Nickelodeon, Pink Floyd, Granimals, Kohl’s Jumping Beans, duck. duck.goose, Puma, Cutie Pie Lovable Friends, Baby Kiss, Baby essential, and First Impression.

  1. Matissa Baby Bodysuit/Onesie Extenders (Pack of 3)

This mantissa onesie extender includes 2 different size snaps.

It has one extender with 8mm snappers and two extenders with 9mm snappers.

  1. HZTYYIER Baby Romper Crotch Extender/ Bodysuit Extender Onesie

HZTYYIER Baby Romper Crotch Extender includes 5 pieces all made of cotton.

  1. LoveinDIY Body Extension for Baby Rompers Step Extender

LoveinDIY onesies extender includes 4 pieces made of cotton.

It is more suitable for triangle romper.

Available in white colors

  1. Menolana 4Pcs Baby Romper Crotch Extender Child Bodysuit Extenders

Menolana Bodysuit Extenders include 4 pieces all made of cotton

They are available in white colors

This bodysuit extender is suitable for triangle romper

  1. Fdit Unisex Baby Kids Romper Partner Super Utility Bodysuit Jumpsuit Diaper Romper Lengthen Extend Film(Pink)

Fdit bodysuit extender is made of cotton

The pack include 5 pieces

This extender is very practical to use for baby’s triangle bodysuits.

Available colors Yellow, Pink, Light blue, and White 

  1. Bencailor 10 Pieces Bodysuit Extender White Onesie Extenders  

Bencailor Bodysuit Extender includes 10 pieces, all white and the same size.

The onesie extenders support both hand washing and machine washing.

They are made of quality cotton material and stainless steel buckles. Cotton material is breathable, soft, and doesn’t irritate a baby’s skin. Steel buckles will not rust easily after entering the water.

The extenders measure approximately 13 x 9 cm/ 5 x 3.5 inches while stainless steel buckles are about 9 mm/ 0.35 inch in diameter

Baby onesies extenders help double the life of the baby bodysuit, therefore helping save money.

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