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The Ultimate Baby clothes buying guide for parents

In my earlier post, I know you have learned about different types of baby clothes, so you won’t get confused about what to ask for when buying, but what are the shopping tips when buying baby clothes? In this article, find out the baby clothes buying guide.

Baby clothes buying guide

Here are baby clothes buying guide

  • Fabric

Babies have delicate skin, so they get rashes easily. You need clothes made of soft material. Common materials for baby clothes are organic cotton, bamboo, or a blend of cotton and polyester.

Best fabric for baby clothes.

    • Season

    You cannot wear a jacket in the summer or a swimming costume during the winter season, so the same case applies to babies.

    You need to buy baby clothes for each season. Lightweight clothes are for summer and heavy ones are for winter, not vice versa.

    • Size

    Babies grow first, so when buying baby clothes, make sure you choose clothes of different sizes. This works well when you know how baby clothing sizing works.

    Also, remember the sizes vary from one brand to another.

    The size of baby clothes depends on height and weight.

    The best advice is to purchase a few sizes in a piece for 0-3 months or newborns and the same for 3-6 months. Do not bulk up on each size.

    • Know how many you need in each size

    Knowing how many clothes you need in each size helps save money and time. Remember not to buy too many clothes in one size, as your baby grows very fast.

    • Gender

    This applies if you choose not to find out the sex of the baby. Choose neutral colors like white, black, yellow, and grey. If you know the sex of your baby, you can buy clothes with colors or prints of that specific sex.

    For instance, boy colors/prints are blue while girl colors/prints are pink.

    If you are planning to have more children in the future, gender-neutral colors are the best because you can reuse them even if you have different genders.

    • Safety

    All parents will agree that when it comes to their baby, safety comes first before anything else.

    When buying baby clothes, safety is something you should consider.

    Clothes with decorations such as bows, beads, ties, or those buttons can be unsafe, leading to choking hazards.

    Make sure the decorations are sewn tight or they will not come off easily.

    Decoration should not be around the collar because it feels bumpy on the side that goes.

    Also, avoid clothes with neck and waistband drawstrings as they can lead to strangulation. The waistband drawstring should not be pulled more than three inches at the end.

    Make sure your children’s clothes meet safety guidelines.

    • Know the baby clothes you need

    Most parents only stick with bodysuits, rompers, and pajamas, but you will need other types of baby clothes such as hats, mittens, bibs, socks, and more.

    • Easy to put on and off

    Babies are prone to making messes such as drooling, peeing, and pooping. The mess usually causes you to change the baby’s clothes several times a day, so it is crucial to choose clothes that are easy to put on and off.

    Baby is annoyed with something on their head so clothes should be easy to put on and off.

    For instance, clothes with snap closures at the crotch make it easy to change baby diapers.

    Clothes with an envelop-style neck stretch well such that you can easily pull over the baby’s head without the baby noticing or pull straight down to avoid going over the delicate head.

    Also, the closure method in front is easy to put on or off that those on the back.

    The best advice is to look for clothes with easy fasteners or stretch easily.

    • Easy to wash

    Babies are known for making messes, so there is no way you can go without washing them, so make sure you buy fabric that is easy to wash either by machine or by hand.

    Make sure the clothes do not retain stains after washing or spoil after several washes.

    Since baby clothes are washed several times, avoid clothes that have special laundering processes like wool or knits, and make sure the one you choose can last several washes.

    • Comfortable clothes

    Just like an adult, a baby needs to be comfortable. A comfortable baby is happier, meaning peace in the house.

    When you think of comfortability, look for irritants such as price tags or clothing descriptions. Such things make your baby feel uncomfortable. When buying, look for tagless or buy with a tag and remove it later.

    • Shop after the baby shower

    Baby clothes are the most gifted item during baby showers, and most people tend to buy those tiny clothes.

    If you are planning to have baby showers wait to shop after baby showers.

    • Style

    This is not a thing to consider when buying clothes for newborns. Newborns spend most of their time sleeping, and the only time you go out with them is when you go for a health checkup once a month. Save style for later when the baby has grown.

    So do not spend too much on fancy party wear. One or two is enough.

    • Buy fire retardants clothes or chemical-free

    Retardant clothes safeguard your baby from burns.

    All the factors named above are important baby clothes buying guides to look for when purchasing baby clothes.

    What baby clothes buying guide do you look for? Please share with us in the comment section below.

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