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4 t VS 4 clothing: how do you distinguish them?

What is the difference between children size 4T VS 4

When the baby reaches 24 months he/she outgrows baby clothes sized in months and moves to toddler clothes. The toddler clothes are simply labeled T and number of ages. The tag starts from 2T, 3T, and 4T. T means toddler and number means the age.

For instance, 2t is toddler 2 years old.

A toddler is a child between 1 to 4 years. Once they reach 4 years they move to little kid which starts from 4 to 6 years. When it comes to toddler clothes the sizing is different.

Once the toddler reaches 4 years sizing is complicated because your child is in between toddler and little kid size. When you visit a store you can find clothes written 4T and 4 years. These two sizes are of similar age because they mean four years but when it comes to baby clothes the case is different.

How do you distinguish between 4T VS size 4

Size 4 is designed for little kids while 4 T is meant for a toddler.

Size 4T is small in height compared to size 4. Size 4 is longer to accommodate the increasing size

4t has an adjustable waist while size 4 has no adjustable waist.

Some people claim 4T is for a toddler who is wearing toddler but in my case, I rule this out. Read my article 24 months VS 2T what is the difference.

When your child moves to toddler age is no longer putting on diapers.

Some brand size toddler clothes to 5t so you can find clothes in-store labeled 5T and other sizes.

The above explanation explains the difference between 5 t VS 5


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