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24 months VS 2T: what’s the difference

A child who is 24 months is a 2-year old so these two sizes are similar but it means different sizes of baby clothes. How could it mean different sizes of clothes and yet they are of a similar age. Let’s find out what is the difference between 24 months VS 2T when comes to children’s clothes?

24 months VS 2T: what’s the difference

When it comes to baby clothes you will find the clothes labeled 24 months and 2T, 3 years and 3T, 4 years and 4T this quite confusing. Even the same brand you can find baby cloth of the same color, design, or print one is labeled 2T and the other one 24 months. Which one should you buy let’s find answers to all these confusion

Before you are concerned about fashion let’s first understand what is 24 months and 2T in children size.

Children grow and develop at different rates some walk early others delay. They are children who stop using diapers very early and other use until to preschool age. Those stages of baby development are what children clothes designers have factored in when designing 2-year-old clothes.

If your baby is crawling and wearing diaper most designers term that as a baby.  If your baby is no longer wearing diapers, is potty training and walking you have a toddler and designers term that as a toddler.

According to most designers, baby clothes sizes go up to 24 months while the toddler line starts at 2T. T meaning toddler and 2 years. At this stage, they make clothes in a two-line baby line and toddler line.

What is the difference between 24 months VS 2T when it comes to baby clothing


As said earlier 24 months is a baby and 2T is a toddler. 24 months cloth has a babyish style while 2T imitate adult style but in small size.

Month’s vs years

Children’s clothes are sized according to age. The end month or year is the maximum or highest month that cloth can fit your baby.

Baby clothes are sized in months 24 months being the maximum.  Clothes are generally sized 0-3M, 3-6M, 6-9 M, 9-12 M, 12-18M and 18-24 months

For instance, if the tag is written 6-9 means the maximum age that can fit is 9 months. The highest month in each range is the maximum age that the clothes fit.

Toddler clothes are sized in T.  They are generally sized as follows 2T, 3T, and 4T. T means toddler and numbers the age of the child. 2T will accommodate toddlers 2-3 years.

Diaper vs potty training

24 months is a baby who is wearing a diaper while 2T the baby is potty training.

Clothes for a baby’s wearing diapers have a rounder fit and extra room for diaper to fit in. They also have snaps between legs for an easier diaper change.

2T does have snaps between the legs because they are no longer wearing a diaper. They are slimmer and wear pull down pants


24 months clothes have a short length in both top and bottom to allow the baby to crawl without getting tangled by fabric.

2 T clothes have longer pant legs and sleeves

Size chart

Children clothes size vary from one brand to another so the same as 2t and 24 months

A brand like carter 2t and 24 months sizes are different 2T height is 35-36.5″, Weight 29-31 lbs while 24 months has height 32-34″, Weight 28-30 lbs. There is a difference in inches both weight and height. The same case with gap sizing they treat those two age different

Brands like Gerber size chart for 24 months and 2T is the same Height 32-34″, Weight 28-32 Ibs you will identify the difference using the above styles.

When buying clothes for 2 years you should not work on age but consider the development stages, height, and weight.

My advice if your child is still wearing a diaper and crawling he/she is still in the baby stage and needs 24 months clothes or 18-24 months. If he is potty training and walking he/she has moved to toddler clothes you should buy clothes labeled T.

Most children’s clothes store have a different section for baby and toddler

The above explains further to 3T VS 3 years and 4T VS 4 years. For instance when you find clothes written 3 years and others 3T. It means 3 years is for a child using diapers while the other is no longer using diapers. Sizes, height, and styles are different.


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